Measure and optimize your SaaS marketing efforts

  • 🔥Gain insights on your lead generation
  • 🔥Track and optimize lead conversion
  • 🔥Improve CAC, retention and LTV

Move to sustainable customer acquisition.

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Smart growth beyond CAC

Uncover opportunities to optimize metrics that matter.

Increase purchase amount, frequency and LTV, while reducing acquisition costs.

Uncover opportunities to optimize metrics that matter.


Automate boring, manual work.

Free-up 20% of your digital marketing capacity.

Automate boring, manual work.

Major platforms

Monitor your acquisition channels.

To search for healthy growth opportunities.

Monitor your acquisition channels.

How does it work?

We track all of your funnels and connect that data with billing insights from Stripe

Integrate our SDK

Connect your Stripe

Grow sustainably

Unlock key insights

Leverage our advanced tracking technology and pattern-analysis algorithms to stay ahead of your competition.

Minimize customer churn
Identify which channels retain the most customers.
Maximize purchase value
Discover strategies to increase transaction values.
Lower acquisition costs
Uncover opportunities to reduce your CAC effectively.


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  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited reports
  • Custom insights
  • Free monthly consultation with our performance experts ⭐️

Launching in April 2024


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1-year access to our platform, without restrictions on usage or number of seats.
  • Our platform connects to your website and to your Stripe account. With our proprietary tracking technology and some smart algorithms, we help you measure and optimize all your marketing channels, while delivering insights that will contribute to your growth!

  • Yes, we are always excited to hear suggestions from you regarding the future direction of our product. Please send your suggestion to us by email.
  • Yes. You can request a refund within 7 days of activating your account after product launch. Reach out to us by email.
  • Cool, contact us by email.

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Launching in July 2024